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Mexico Timeless Wedding Photography – Sayulita Villa Amor – Emily & Jared

Hey There Friends!!!
What a great wedding we have on the blog today. It would be the perfect Mexico destination wedding if it was just us and the coulple (Emily and Jared) they were so much fun to be around and obviously in love. But, they invited all their friends and family and planned an amazingly beautiful, vintage meets timeless wedding at Villa Amor in Sayulita, Mexico that completely captures their roots of love with each other, and all the vibe and excitement of Mexico. We loved every second of capture this for them!

So, It all started (our trip to Mexico for the wedding that is) with a plane ride like any other. Once we landed we walked through customs as usual, then HEEEEELLLLOOO there are 1000 people in the turminal trying to get you to come to their hotel and taste tequila, haha…Travel tip #1 only take a sample or talk to one of the terminal “agents” if you want to end up wasting the majority of your day or trip trying to be duped into buying a time share, so walk straight through and smile and start your epic adventure of a gorgeous country and kind people. However, we didn’t “walk straight through and smile” hence, the cautionary advice;)the short version is, we made $100 and got a bottle for free whiskey, but it came at the price of setting through a 5hr time share lecture and sales pitch. But we didn’t buy and got out in time to see the sun set, so not so bad I guess, haha…

The next day we got to explore more of the outside of town and…..Sayulita, Mexico is the opposite of the airport area of Puerto Vallarta. It’s a quaint, cobblestone street and beach town vibe, set in the hills near the coast…Breathe taking and everything magical you’d want your wedding in Mexico to be. Especially Villa Amor. The venue overlooks the entire city of Sayulita and has little villas from the hill top to the beach, it’s perfect.

So grateful to have captured this gorgeous day and this couples once in a lifetime memories.
Check out the Images and Video we shot below!!!!

Love, high fives and cheers,

Mexico Wedding – Emily & Jared from Glass Jar Photography on Vimeo.

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Paul McDonald & Nikki Reed – “I’m Not Falling” Behind the Album film

Hey There!!

So excited to have been the lucky folks to capture the album art photos, and now be able to officially release part of our Behind The Album “I’m not falling” film for Paul McDonald and Nikki Reed!
The Album comes out July-8th so be sure to check it out, and buy 1000 copies:)

Had so much fun filming and hanging in Nashville with them while they recorded, great people and real talent.
check out of few of the images below from their shoot with us AND part of the Behind the Album film too.
Cheers ya’ll,

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Artistic Savannah Georgia Railroad Themed Wedding – Amanda & Joey

Savannah Georgia is one of the most photogenic location in the world, and was a perfect setting for Amanda and Joey’s railroad themed wedding at the Georgia State Railroad Museum. Loads of DIY in this wedding, the bride (a SCAD graduate) even MADE HER OWN DRESS!! how cool is that?!

Loved all the DIY in this wedding, and have officially fallen in love with Savannah Georgia.


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The Sweeplings – Cami Bradley & Whitney Dean

Hey There everyone!

So super excited to finally release some of what I’ve been working on musically!! For any of you that have followed us for a while, you know that I write music in Nashville and for artist (and used to be in a couple of bands/duos previously) and now I officially have formed and committed to a new one I’m ecstatic about “The Sweeplings”….Which is Myself and last years America’s Got Talent finalist Cami Bradley.

How’d this happen?…it’s a good story actually.
Since Bethany and I edit all our images and films on the couch together with the TV on in the background (for nothing more than to keep the clicking on our computers and editing from driving us crazy) one night it was by happenstance on America’s Got Talent. I was walking into the room again and Bethany stopped the TV and said…”This is who you need to write with, you have to watch her audition”. I did, and 1000848256% agreed! The Twitter and Facebook messages went out to her with little hope that it would actually result in her replying or wanting to get together to try and write a tune..But alas, wouldn’t you know a few short weeks later we were passing info in emails and setting up a time for me to come to Spokane, Washington to try a write with her!
I was only there for 3 days, and in those 3 days we wrote 8 new songs….We had Nothing the day I showed up…It was musical magic, and it gets better!! Her husband is the coolest dude ever and we all get along so well, we’re like a little family now:)

Anywho, long story short. Cami came down 2 weeks ago to Alabama where we live, and we recorded our first release “Drop By Drop” at my house, filmed, and produced (the below) music video down the street, and wrote 3 more songs before playing our first show at Merrimack Hall in Huntsville, AL (which was sold out and we even got a standing ovation…Mind blowing…seriously grateful)

So…..Check it out below, and if you dig it follow us on Facebook HERE and of course we will be sharing progress on our blog too;)

Also check out Cami’s current solo release available on iTunes, etc called Cami Bradley: SEAS…HERE

Love, and High Fives!

Hard to believe every song came from sitting in these seats (Left is Cami’s home and, the right is ours)

Here’s the Film we shot also on “How it all began”

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