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Whimsical Scotland Wedding – Stirling Castle, Scotland UK

Hey There!

Boy oh Boy do we have a doozey for ya’ll today. One of our bucket list things to do as photographers (maybe even people) was officially checked off after this “Whimsical Scottish Heritage Wedding” shoot in Stirling, Scotland UK. We virtually met the ladies of Be Eventful about a year ago and ever since then they’ve been trying to get us to come to Scotland to shoot…thank goodness they finally convinced us! 🙂 Scotland….wow what can we say? How about breathtaking, unique, whimsical….we were completely taken by it. So funny how castles and 200+ year old houses are found more often than not there and the Scotts seem to be so used to it! Haha not for us southern folks. Our house is about 100 years old and we thought that was cool…doesn’t even compare! Not to mention our friends, Claire and Nikki of Be Eventful were the coolest, most hospitable people we’ve probably ever met. We were immediately greeted with the most traditional of Scottish foods as soon as we arrived. Jams, sandwiches and my favorite…tablet! I’m still not positive what it is or how to make it but oh good golly I swallowed the thing whole! haha. We learned cool things from them like what a “jam piece” is and the difference between American “pants” and Scottish “pants”! Haha the language difference was hilarious. Took us about 24 hours for our ears and brains to adjust to their fast paced accents!

Claire and Nikki put together this awesome styled wedding photo session for us while we were there including 2 brides, beautiful tweed jackets, boots, and thistle! It oozed everything Scottish! They are truly 2 very talented girls and we are so grateful for their friendship and love!




For anyone in the Scotland or UK area looking for some amazing wedding vendors, here’s the list of folks that helped make the day so special 🙂

Concept, Styling & Co-Ordination:  Be Eventful www.be-eventful.com &  www.facebook.com/beeventful
Second Location: Stirling Castle http://www.stirlingcastle.gov.uk/
Dress: RowanJoy  http://rowanjoy.co.uk/
Jackets/Boots: Country Pursuits https://www.facebook.com/countrypursuitsuk?fref=ts
Hair & Make Up: Sorelle Bridal http://www.annemariemcelroy.co.uk/sorelle
Jewellery: Euan McWhirter http://www.euanmcwhirter.co.uk/

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