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The Winchester Manor in Huntsville, AL – Vintage Wedding Photography – Brandi and Derek

As some of you may or may not know…Whitney and I picked up our belongings back in May and moved to the country to chase yet another dream of ours, owning a wedding venue! We’ve had this vision of an old house, land, and hosting weddings for quite some time but for one reason or another things never seemed to work out. Since majority of what we shoot are weddings all across the country we see so many different and unique venues…and so our search began to bring something similar to our own home in sweet home Alabama! We looked at several properties…some too far away, some not zoned properly, some that were ridiculously expensive and out of our price range! haha and just about when we had given up hope and thought our dream was unattainable…there it was. Isn’t it funny how these things work themselves out?:)Never underestimate how important timing and patience is.

Our home/venue is located in New Market, AL right outside of Huntsville, AL about 20 mins or so. I actually grew up in New Market so I’m back to my old stomping grounds! There’s 1 ¬†restaurant, 1 awesome BBQ place, 1 Dollar Store, and 1 flashing light in the whole town haha but it’s so quiet and romantic and we couldn’t be happier with this new place we call “home”. We fell in love with this newly renovated 100 year old home and there was no stopping us from planting our roots there:)We’ve named it The Winchester Manor and have already had a few weddings there despite the fact that we’re not even 100% done with our renovations to make it complete. On the side of the property there’s a small cottage that we’re actually renting out as a honeymoon suite for our lovely brides after their wedding is over!:)It truly is so perfect and we are so grateful/blessed to have had this piece of real estate fall in our laps. Our biggest desire is that many couples can have their dream wedding here and remember it for years to come…there’s nothing more special (to us at least) than having the most magical wedding day with the person of your dreams. Hopefully this will serve as our future brides and grooms dream location and take their breath away….just as it has taken our breath away.:)

Just for fun, here are some tidbits about the property:

#1 – Within 24 hours of closing on it our biggest tree in the courtyard got struck by lightning! Yes…and blew 3 of our 4 transformers out. Talk about scary

#2 – The family that lived in this house first had a son….who went on to be the mayor of Dallas! There’s even a street named after him and letters from him back to his family in this home that are framed and came with the house:)Isn’t history so awesome?

#3 – The cottage was once a jail (so we’re told) and then a doctors office. So small only 400-500 sq ft! Can you imagine that? haha


Derek and Brandi were one of our first couple to get hitched here! They had a beautiful garden themed wedding with the ceremony in the grove and the reception in the stables and courtyard. This wedding was a little extra special to us because #1 – It was our first wedding we shot on our property and #2 – They’re our brother and sister! Ok let me clarify…Derek is our brother-in-laws brother BUT we consider him family and feel as if he is our brother in real life haha! I’ve known him for about 10 years now and was so ecstatic when my sister married his brother…and now excited all over again to be hosting his wedding AND shooting it! Their wedding was filled with creams, pinks, and grays…all so very light, airy, and vintage! And to top it all off they had a banana pudding bar at the reception…I mean really does it get any better?! haha Derek and Brandi, we love you and thank you for trusting us to do all of this for you and hope it truly was the most magical day you could have ever imagined.:)

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CaitlinOctober 16, 2013 - 6:10 PM

I am in a wedding and am being asked to find my own long, neutral colored dress. I came across these pictures and I was wondering if there is anyway you may know where the bridesmaids found their dresses? I appreciate any help you may give me! Thanks!

BrandiMarch 14, 2013 - 3:36 PM

You guys are simply…. the best.

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