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Swamp Wedding – Everglades, Florida Unique Wedding Photography

Hey There Friends!

Are you ready for this wedding?! Here we go…this was by far one of our favorite weddings of all time. First wedding of 2013 and what a way to start it off! Meet Kaysie and Casey (yes they have the same name haha) two lovebirds who tied the knot at the historic Rod and Gun Club in Everglades City, Florida. Looking for a few words to describe their wedding?…how about whimsical, breathtaking, colorful, glorious, unique, laid back and beyond perfect for starters. This tiny little town is full of so much magic and romance and now, after being there it’s no wonder why KC2 (this is that we’re told they go by haha) decide on this location.


#1  – The Skunk Ape! Yes, you heard me right, their lima bean loving, stinky smelling, swamp version of Big Foot. The 1.5 hour drive down we wondered why the roads were lined with 12+ foot fences and now we know…it’s to keep the Skunk Ape out. We assumed (as most people would) it was for the gators and the exotic wildlife that resides in South Florida, but none of that more feared and more dangerous than the Skunk Ape himself. Upon our arrival to Everglades City we saw museums and paraphernalia dedicated to him. Quite amazing that we live so close and never heard of him, but I’ve read the tales and newspaper clippings now so don’t you try to fool me Skunk Ape! I’ve got my eyes and nostrils open and waiting for you haha!

#2 – The Everglades is truly a unique place…I’m not sure how the people that live there do it. As if the fences lining the highway weren’t enough we did pass a sign or two where the fences briefly stopped warning us of panther crossing. Wow! Never have I ever, but now I guess I can say I have seen it haha. And no joke, people lived, LIVED, out there where these panthers, alligators and skunk apes just roam free. Not a ton of people…but a handful of brave souls reside in this jungle! More power to them…they are way braver than I would ever be! 🙂

#3 – Back to the venue itself…there’s an old bank from the early 1900s that has been converted into a bed and breakfast and it was also the location where the girls got ready. The whole town was almost like being on a movie set…quaint and perfect for photography.

#4 – KC2’s guests were some of the best dancers we’ve ever seen…no limits! haha We got a dance or two in ourselves…and by that I mean Whitney danced…and by that I mean I stood there while Whitney flapped around me like a wild man haha!

We had so much fun shooting this wedding and couldn’t be more happy or blessed that KC2 asked us to be there for it and document it. You guys are so wonderful and beautiful inside and out and loved every minute we got to share with you guys.


Bethany and Whitney, GJP

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