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Philadelphia, PA – our quick sight seeing jont

Howdy Friends!

So as you can see we shot a wedding in PA last year and while there we had to do what everyone does when there….go sight seeing! So here’s a secret…I (Bethany) was not a huge history buff in school. Now math…I can do that all day long, but history, no way. My brain just doesn’t have enough room to pack it full of things like American History and the such. So it’s no surprise to most people who know me that I had NO clue that Philadelphia was a place full of our nation’s past! Wow where have I been for the past….oh I don’t know, 200+ years? haha! At least it was a nice surprise finding out we’d get to see so many important artifacts and locations. Some of which included the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Ben Franklins final resting place (again, who knew he was buried there haha!), and a lot of places where National Treasure was filmed haha!:)So so cool to think the people who founded our country lived there! Mind blowing!

See ya soon,
Whitney & Bethany – GJP

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