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  • vintage wedding photographers, vintage wedding photography. We are Modern Vintage wedding photographers that specialize in travel weddings. Our goal is to capture timeless moments in a fine art style, inspired by the colors and softness of vintage wedding photography

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Hey There friends!!

We recently went to Rio De Janeiro and had an absolute (but exhausting) Blast!! We went largely to do a documentary video with our lovely and hilarious friend Sam (who is a tour guide for Contiki Tours in Europe, if you ever go ask for him!) So, since video was our main focus we didn’t get to really photograph the area the way we would’ve liked, but the video will be Awesome I think!!!;)

We were there for Carnaval, which is the regions much cooler, bigger and elaborate version on Mardi Gras. It’s also the biggest non-stop crazy party I’ve ever been around….Carnaval was both loud and beautifully colorful. But most memorably, times of terror that I may loose all my camera gear or life to drunk’n, wild, tanned up meathead or street side creep’o, but alas, A Great Time was had and no problems at all!!! It actually seemed more like people wanted to be in front of the camera than stealing it from you (Thank God):)If you ever get the good fortune to go to Rio, you absolutely must do 3 things while your there.

1: Go up to the “Christ the Redeemer” statue and take the time to appreciate power of it all.
2: Ride the tram up to Sugarloaf Mountain and look back at (“must do #1) and all of Rio.
3: Stay by the beaches…Hotels are nicer, people are less scary, and transit is infantily easier to flip around on. (plus there are supermarkets)

By far the coolest thing we did was riding a helicopter around all of Rio….mind blowing scenery (and surprisingly smooth ride) Next to that was getting to hang with a great friend, and my best friend/amazing wife in one of the worlds most happening/interesting places in February.:Dhope you guys enjoy the pics for now and we’ll update you on the video when it’s out and done.


From the Helicopter ride around Rio….one of the most transcendent moments of my life

Fog rolling over the Corcovado Mountain brushing the hand of God…powerful stuff

Copacabana Beach!!!! the most crowded layout area and buffed up dudes in one place, ever….

These guys were super “high” on something and yelling like this guy was famous and needed to be be photographed, so…..I did:)

Guess which one’s asleep;)

Sugarloaf mountain valley…P.I.M.P…..and I loved the “Oi” for pay phones in the city, cool stuff

The Arches of Lapa at night….<3

There are people there that I bet could drink from that can…..and some that already acted like it! haha

This guy was awesome, nice, and probably pretty courageous. He spends his days fixing shoes when he has no legs, thats sticking with a passion!

I’m all for street art  (mainly artist like Banksy are amazing) but kids come on, lay off EVERY BUILDING it’s annoying…..anyway, these are cool I thought

This is a tiny tiny replica of a dentist table…and the light from the sun making it look REAL…i love it

Apparently Justin Bieber is a big deal…..everywhere, including in the Rain Forest of Brazil!! sheesh

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vencanjeJune 12, 2012 - 9:13 AM

Thanks. you show us an amazing experience. Nice post, thanks for sharing.

adminMarch 16, 2012 - 3:52 PM

Thank you! We did have an Amazing experience there and can’t wait to come back another time (as you said, NOT during Carnaval) where we can have our camera’s out a little more freely….or at least when people aren’t shoulder to shoulder and we can move :)

The People were great and absolutely traveler friendly…love Brazil, and Rio’ians ;)

JulesMarch 16, 2012 - 3:43 PM

No comments yet? Really? My goodness!
Well, I’m Brazilian, from Rio. Glad to know you guys came here and got a good impression. I actually didn’t like that *tiny part* when you say “people are less scary” subtly mentioning some other places people ARE SCARY. Come on… Everyone knows – or should know – that the Brazilian people are the most friendly. Violence, confusion, filthiness? That’s everywhere! Walk around LA and you’ll see plenty of it. BUT THAT’S ABSOLUTELY NOT MY POINT :)
Proud to see you caught so many nice pics and got impacted by a few beautiful places we have to offer.
So please, come more often! Come for my wedding! oops! :) you’ll be more than thrilled to visit by on a season that’s NOT CarnAval (with A). Much LESS crazy. Besides, Brazilians love foreigners, bet you know this already…
Awesome job, keep it up.

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