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Bethany (proof I’m the luckiest man alive)

Hello Friends,

So, we’ve been planning on doing a shoot for each other for a while, but we’ve been slammed until about a week ago….then Christmas. haha..We finally had a day to ourselves at the Tennessee River close to our home, and we played around with some shot ideas for the future and hung out by the water.

If you don’t know by now, or have never seen Bethany (my wife and co-photog) here she is 🙂 She is the smartest, kindest, funnest, and best friend I could’ve ever had…Luckily for me she LOVE me and I got to marry her and share my life with her, super big 🙂 She makes everything in my life easier, especially this shoot as you will see.

Also want to say a special THANK YOU to Green Wedding Shoes for making us one of their Favorite Engagement sessions of the Year! Check out that post HERE if you have a sec….AND Hope you guys had a GREAT Christmas, (we did) and we has 2 post coming up (our favs of 2011) and then our LA wedding after. so stay tuned!
Love us Love Birds,
Whitney & Bethany

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