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Laura and Michael – Huntsville, AL Engagement Photography

Boy oh boy do we have a great shoot for you today. This is our first shoot that we edited on our shiny new computer 🙂 and I’m pretty ecstatic about it. We were in desperate need of a newer/faster computer and now that we got our new one in I’m in HEAVEN! Words can not describe my happiness. If you were to look in our house you’d think we’re crazy for getting another one…we currently have 3 laptops (all Macs), an iMac, and an iPad laying around but it’s somehow just not enough! haha I’ve already got my eye on the new iPad *hint hint Whitney* 🙂

This lovely couple that we got to hang out with in this shoot is Laura and Michael. They were slightly unlucky with the weather though…it was the 1 weekend that it was a little less than 40 degrees outside! The weather was just starting to trick me into thinking that it was Spring and then BAM! cold weather all over again! Laura was such a trooper…she stayed wrapped up in blankets and sweaters until the last second and shed them for the pictures. We felt so bad! Me and Whitney were wearing layers and were still shaking non-stop and at one point stopped feeling our fingers all together haha!


So….Laura’s dress is actually her mom’s old prom dress! Adorable right?! It’s amazing how things come back in style. I love this little dress!


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