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Kaitlin and Greg – Huntsville, AL Engagement Photography

Happy St. Patricks Day!! Hope everyone has enjoyed today and not had TOO many green beers 😉  What do we have planned tonight? Yep! You guessed it…editing pictures! haha Well that and I’m pretty sure Whitney might indulge in a few Murphy’s. We had plans to go to downtown Huntsville where they were dying the fountain green (it’s never been done here before) but we missed it by a few minutes. So upsetting! But it seems as though we didn’t have the luck ‘o the Irish today hahaha

Anyways, enough about us….meet Kaitlin and Greg! We were so excited to shoot them. They are both tennis players and when I say that I really mean it. Greg actually won a national championship! Gosh so awesome!! I used to be on the tennis team in high school. I would tell my friends that I won every game I played, but unfortunately I was never good enough to ACTUALLY play a real game haha so I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t  count. But tennis still has a soft spot in my heart and in Kaitlin and Greg’s hearts too! Looking forward to their wedding. I’m sure it will be just as lovely as they are.

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